About CFS Logistics

As a port operator, we offer maritime, river and port operation services, both to Group companies and to third parties, covering various types of cargo services: perishable, general, palletized, containerized, project or oversized.

We serve a broad and solid portfolio of clients, which includes recognizing maritime lines, global coverage and other actors linked to the international trade chain in Urabá, with high quality standards and service levels, always oriented towards the complete and permanent satisfaction of customers.

Other related activities, such as storage outside the primary zone, are provided through our subsidiary Banalogistic, whose facilities also carry out picking, packing, distribution and other loading services.

About CFS Logistics

Our experience

Our knowledge is supported by years of experience in which we have achieved a broad and solid portfolio of clients, which includes recognized shipping lines and other companies related to the international trade chain in Urabá.

Our services

Our high quality standards and good service practices allow us to be the best ally of merchandise exporters and importers in the region, which is supported by the complete and permanent satisfaction of users.

Where do we do it?

The strategic location of our facilities represents enormous advantages, both for maritime lines and global coverage, as well as for exporters / importers, who benefit from the competitiveness of our proposal, in terms of marine, river and port operations, as well as other aspects. Related, such as the proximity to the productive centers of the country.

CFS Logistics has facilities and port operations in the Nueva Colonia and Zungo sectors, a river operation in the León River and a marine operation in Bahía Colombia (Gulf of Urabá).

Our integrality

Our processes are aligned with industry trends, our team is at the forefront, with a direction aimed at meeting customer needs.

Corporate support

We are a team made up of different business services and with specialized knowledge in the group’s businesses, which allows us to promote the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of each business, leveraged on Operational Excellence.

Our corporate support provides the following services:

Administration and technology

Financing and Projects

Internal and external auditing

Commercial and Logistics




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