Work Team

(103-1) Our human talent is the core of the organization. At Grupo GreenLand our employees are our biggest asset. People are a key factor in achieving our organizational objectives and carrying out our business. We are constantly making new and improved practices in the organization so we can have a trained, committed, high-quality team, in which we can cultivate well-being, generating a balance in their lives

Our approach to work focuses on the following issues:

  • Fundamental human rights
  • Healthy and safe environment
  • Nurturing wellbeing
  • Developing our people
  • Equal opportunities

Employee information (102-7) (102-8)

(103-2) Starting with the first interaction with with people, in the attraction, recruitment, and selection process, we have policies and strategies that ensure equal opportunities and allow us the linking of suitable talents who not only have technical skills, but who share our corporate principles and values and, above all, it guarantees that they are excellent human beings.

We are proud to have the human talent that has led the company to think and act differently, with high-performance standards, great commitment, and great resourcefulness, focused on creating value for our stakeholders. In 2021 we will continue to have the best people and will continue to be the best place to work.

In light of this new world reality, our priority was the health and safety of all our employees. Implementing the appropriate protocols, socializing them, internalizing them, and ensuring a self-care culture, has enabled us to continue operating in a safe environment. Furthermore, maintaining our Work Health and Safety Management System enables us to decrease the frequency and severity of workrelated accidents by compared to 2019.

We have always talked about maintaining a safe and healthy environment, but the pandemic brought huge challenges because environments that used to be safe became vulnerable, and the implementation of additional practices captured all our attention and priorities.

Virtual training, celebrations, and meetings, face-to-face training with a limited number of attendees, are some of the practices and even challenges worth mentioning. These were accelerated due to the pandemic and “forced us” to implement them in a more agile and general manner. This confirmed and taught us as individuals and as a company that we can do things differently.

We trained our top leaders in long-distance leadership to give them the tools they need to manage their teams remotely, maintaining their closeness and productivity.

The pandemic brought out even more creativity to celebrate special occasions for our employees and for the organization. We were there to show, once more, that in spite of the circumstances, we are the GreenLand Family.

COVID-19 became a constant factor when it came to implement our work plans and, we have to say that there are plans that have not been completed, but we have learned a lot. The priority given to health and safety at work forced us to suspend programs, adjust others, others which, due to the restrictions, did not achieve the desired goals. But the ongoing challenge is to keep thinking of ways to do things differently.

(103-3) (102-8) Information about our employees

(HS-1) Employees by seniority

(401-1) Hiring and contracting

Withdrawals by type

Withdrawals by age and by region

Parental leaves (401-3)

100% of our employees are entitled to parental leaves.


Nurturing Well-being

Number of employees who received time benefits (401-2)


Developing Our People (404-2) (HS-2)

Due to the measures implemented to prevent contagion and spread of COVID-19, which included banning large employee gatherings, the Company went to virtual training, connecting with universities and specialized entities to continue training our people through meetings, seminars, workshops, etc. Training focused on the following topics:

  • Technical training on how to use Microsoft Teams, for team communication and team collaboration.
  • Training on Eurodoc SAP ERP to make the transition from physical to digital invoicing.
  • Training on COVID-19 policies and protocols to prevent contagion and spread of the virus. Intended to educate on the warning symptoms, means to report them, and self-care.
  • Traning for certification for ISO, BASC, NGS, PBIP, SAGRILAFT, to guarantee their implementation in the different work centers in which it applies.
  • Training of methodologies for TPM and 5S, continuous improvement methods in all applicable work centers.
  • Training on updates to technical regulations, among others, to keep reinforcing the technical skills of our people.
  • Training on soft skills for supervisors and coordinators to improve their ability to effectively manage work teams.
  • Leadership skills training, aimed at first-level employees, to manage teams remotely and remotely, given the context of the COVID-19 health emergency.
  • Training at all levels of the organization on topics such as team work, cohesion and connection of employees to the business, to continue carrying out their activities in a productive manner and generating value remotely and at a distance.

(403-7) Safe and Healthy Environment

Occupational Health & Safety are essential for business sustainability. This is why we are constantly working to reinforce a culture focused on making safety a way of life, so that every employee has self-care as a line of action. We are convinced that investing in health and safety produces development, opportunities, and competitiveness through actions that help transform and improve the quality of life of our employees and contractors

(403-3) Helping to create appropriate conditions in the work environment for promotion and risk prevention, mental and physical care of our employees, and creating the perception and real conditions of safety at work are part of our mission. This is achieved by complying with rules and regulations through the use of training, assistance, and communications processes.

Note: the indicators were calculated using a constant of 240,000 hours according to Colombian regulations.

(403-9) (403-10)

(403-6) In 2020 we took on, learned, and dealt with a major challenge to prevent and protect the health of our employees by implementing staged activities that counteracted the risk of Covid 19 contagion among the employees, and also to maintain the continuity of the business.

The first phase of this challenge was to define a bio security policy aligned with the regulatory framework, accompanied by the respective protocols against Covid 19 to provide the tools for orientation, promotion and adoption of measures to reduce the risk of exposure and, at the same time, offer some peace of mind to the community at large.

We must understand that protocols do not develop themselves. Therefore, we created and trained an evaluation team to carry out weekly reviews in order to monitor compliance with the security policies and regulations in the work centers.

The second phase was based on updating the working environments and awareness campaigns to motivate among the employees the culture of self-care at work and outside work. We installed washbasins at the entrances of work centers, and strategic disinfection points using antibacterial gel, ventilation systems, and protective barriers to prevent contagion in the production lines that carry a risk. Additionally, the Company initiated and has maintained during the pandemic the supply of face masks, signage, demarcation and an active information campaign.

The third phase was to set up an epidemiological monitoring program to identify, and follow-up the health status of individuals with symptoms, suspected or confirmed disease.

We also maintained an active communication with the EPS and Secretaries Of Health in the territory for a timely attention, medical services, and releases for employees who have been isolated due to symptoms, positive diagnosis, or lockdowns, to return to work. The mitigation of contagions and business continuity was the product of all the measures taken at the Company level, especially the timely identification and evaluation of cases reported by the different communication channels established such as: the internal line that is exclusively used for COVID issues, email or popup notices issued directly from the payroll system, which allowed us to establish preventive isolations, raise narrow fences of positive cases, set up logistics and carry out rapid antigen testing practices through a provider IPS service and disinfect all work centers where the positive case occurred.

Otros resultados de nuestra gestión:

0 fatalities due to accident or occupational illness.

Safe and healthy environment

  • Reduce workplace accidents by 7%.