Client Management

We try to establish close relationships with our clients based on our compliance with the standards of quality and on building confidence as a business principle.

In 2020 we began to include client perception management in our system with respect to the quality of our service and its social and environmental impact. This would be the starting place the place to start setting up a course of action to comply with the regulations, and meet their needs and recommendations.

Using our business orientation is a basis, we sought the clients’ opinions as an initial parameter to define the path towards an administration more focused on meeting their requirements at every level; to do this, we designed a sustainability survey which we socialized with our main stakeholders — our clients — it did the to get feedback about how they see our actions in their social, environmental, and economic spheres. The idea was to articulate their needs with our priorities and create an alternative that would guarantee them better service.

In 2020 we moved

35.860 containers

The result is that all our clients are satisfied with the service we give them and, in addition, we are having a positive impact on their business and their value chain.



Client Management

  • Reinforce close relationships with our clients, sharing common sustainability principles, and measuring their satisfaction and perception with our services.