Corporate Governance

(103-1) (103-2) (103-3) For the Business Group and each of its businesses, the premises are transparency, integrity and good conduct, respect, compliance with the regulations, clear guidelines management, risks identification and mitigation, and consistent operational excellence in the processes that apply to each operation. This is why we strive to promote it and internalize it through our Corporate Governance Code, to promote and exemplary behavior and have a positive impact on the organization reputation to benefit all our stakeholders and to have a firm basis in value creation and corporate culture.

Governance Structure

Governance Structure

(102-18) The leadership at Grupo Empresarial GreenLand focuses on leading the organization towards good management practices, operational excellence, and product quality throughout its value chain, seeking the well-being of those who make it up. Three areas of governance and decision-making plan, define, implement, and monitor our short, medium, and long-term strategic objectives.

General shareholders assembly and Board of Directors

(102-22) (102-23) (102-24) (102-25) (102-26) (102-29) (102-30) (102-34) The Board of Directors is our highest-level instance of corporate governance, its function is to direct and decide on the most important issues to the Organization and it is appointed by the Shareholders Meeting.

The General Shareholders Assembly is the highest administrative instance of the Organization which has, among other functions, the approval and supervision of the implementation by senior management of the strategic objectives, the governance structure, and corporate culture, and the. Likewise, the General Assembly defines the parameters of sustainability to implement and participates in the identification and understanding of the main economic, environmental and social impacts and risks.

Executive Management

(102-19) The administrative body is for the execution of the strategy, the fulfillment of the proposed objectives, and the direct relationship with the stakeholders. The structure is as follows:

  • Presidency
  • Legal management
  • Social Foundation Department
  • Administrative Department
  • Commercial Department
  • Internal Control and Audit Department
  • Financial and Project Department
  • Logistics Department


Other control bodies


  • General Secretary
  • SAGRILAFT Compliance Officer
  • Personal Data Protection Officer (Habeas Data)

Corporate Committees

(102-20) (103-3) We have different bodies made up by employees that protect the interests of the Organization and the employees. These include:

  • Strategic Committee
  • Sustainability Committee
  • Audit and Finance Committee
  • Coexistence Committee
  • Women’s Committee
  • Employee Fund – FeGreen

Policy of good ethical practices and transparency

(102-16) (102-17) (103-2)Grupo Empresarial GreenLand have implemented different mechanisms, policies, and procedures to manage information and communication at every level and on the topics of institutional culture, philosophy, principles, and values, so the Company can consider the risks and control activities in all its processes.

  • Corporate Governance Code
  • Corporate declaration of respect for the fundamental rights of the human being
  • Corporate responsibility policy
  • Legal compliance policy
  • Anti-fraud and anticorruption policy
  • Sustainability policy
  • Confidential information handling policy
  • SAGRILAFT Self-control and Comprehensive Risk Management System Manual
  • Third-party admission and creation policy
  • Security policy
  • Conflicts of interest policy
  • Information resources use policy
  • Donation policy

At GreenLand we have established the Corporate Governance Code as our approach to framing the principles that guide our day-to-day behavior in the Organization, consistent with the corporate strategy, good sustainability practices, and compliance with current legislation. This is the basis of the internal policies and procedures intended to promote transparent, harmonious and sustainable relations between the Company and its stakeholders.

In addition, as an objective tool for our actions, the organization has the Transparency Hotline, a communication channel through which advice can be received and/or assistance can be requested on behaviors that have to do with the Group’s integrity. This is the reason why, and to be consistent with the purpose of the hotline, an external supplier receives the cases presented up by our stakeholders, who can make their reports anonymously if they want to.

Transparency hotiline

We at Grupo Empresarial GreenLand are responsible for our legal, social and environmental commitments, and we want to be recognized as an Organization that creates value in a reliable and sustainable manner. This is why we have the Transparency Hotline 018000-11-11-00 for reporting any actions that might affect our relationships and commitments with our stakeholders

Safety hotline

We at Grupo Empresarial have set up a Safety Hotline to receive information about situations that might affect or have affected the live and physical safety of the people, facilities, assets, imports, and/or exports Our employees can call: 339 6262 ext. 6260 o 828 0422 ext. 6260.

Declaration of Respect for Fundamental Human Rights

(408-1) (409-1) Respect for people is the basic principle that guides all actions in the Group. We are proud to have a diverse human team. We believe in diversity and equality as pillars to build a social fabric, and mechanisms that enrich the experience of the employees and of the organization itself. Our strategic pillars and to corporate policies are consistent with our values and principles. Grupo GreenLand is undertakes and declares to act under the following principles:

  1. Dignified treatment. WE WILL NOT tolerate discrimination, violence, or harassment under any circumstances.
  2. NO to forced labor, NO to human trafficking, NO to commercial sexual exploitation.
  3. Fluid and respectful communications with all of those with whom we interact.
  4. We respect differences and act according to the principle of equal rights and duties
  5. Fair pay. Our salaries are set on a scale and/or prizes that are defined according to the task, but never on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, age, or nationality, sexual preference, political opinion, or social or ethnic origins.
  6. We nurture a culture of respect and cooperation, that enables people to develop their full personal and professional potential.
  7. Transparent processes for selection, and for creating opportunities and growth.
  8. “The best people in the best place to work”.
  9. We create collaborative spaces for intervention, interaction, and trust that enable constant communications.
  10. We acknowledge professional training and guidance as an engine to develop people and capabilities.
  11. We are committed to and respectful of local communities and we contribute to their development.
  12. We reject corruption of all types.
  13. We respect confidentiality and the right to privacy of the people with whom we interact.
  14. We ensure proper use of the information, and that such information is not discriminatory or disrespectful.
  • 15. We contribute to the progress of current and future generations.
  • 16. The family is the most important creator of values.
  • 17. We support the eradication of violence against women, intra-family violence and gender violence
  • 18. We believe that children and youths
    are the hope of the world.
    NO to child labor.
  • 19. Out policies and actions are based on sustainability concepts.
  • 20. We respect the law.
  • 21. We believe in work-life balance.
  • 22. Together with our stakeholders, we form a strong front in favor of respect for people through our actions.